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Resumes a terrible way to hire people

Sunday, 23 Feb 20202:20 PM MYT By Cassidy Leventhal Of Bloomberg Opinion Research shows that one of the most predictive components of success on the job is honesty. (Honest people, not surprisingly, are more likely to be conscientious and dependable – two big predictors of job performance.) Integrity tests, which can be purchased off the shelf […]

Jack Ma’s advice for Chinese entrepreneurs in the time of coronavirus: retool, reflect and restore work at a steady pace

The coronavirus epidemic in China presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to retool themselves and prepare for the growth, said Ma, who drove Alibaba to launch Taobao in 2003 during the Sars outbreak. In his lecture at the Hupan College, Ma channelled Kazuo Inamori, the legendary founder of Kyocera Corporation. — SCMP Jack Ma, the co-founder […]

Building a Startup That Will Last

By Hemant Taneja, Ken Chenault July 08, 2019 For the past decade, growth rates have defined success for most technology companies. Moore’s Law enabled unprecedented computing power, setting off a sprint in winner-take-all marketplaces with increasing returns to scale. Growth-hacking became the entrepreneurial mantra of the early 21st century, resulting in the creation of new tech giants, […]

Should New Grads Take Any Job or Wait for the Right One?

Jodi Glickman September 27, 2019 Luisa Kloep is a 26 year-old newly minted graduate with a masters degree in fashion and sales management. Like many of her peers, she is bright, talented, and enthusiastic about her new career. She’s also unemployed and feeling dejected about the job search she started five months ago. Luisa, who […]

Should You Accept a Lower-Level Job After a Career Break?

By Carol Fishman Cohen September 02, 2019 It’s a dilemma in the career re-entry world: What level is the right level to return to after a career break? Returning professionals who take a lower-level position than the one they were in before their career break may worry they are selling themselves short. Employers can be confused […]

When It’s OK to Trust Your Gut on a Big Decision

By Laura Huang October 22, 2019 Some executives pride themselves on having a strong intuition, honed through years of experience, that guides their decisions. Others are ambivalent about relying on their intuition to make important choices, concerned that their gut reaction is inherently biased or emotional. This latter group is no doubt responding to the […]

How to Respond to “So, Tell Me About Yourself” in a Job Interview

By Joel SchwartzbergAugust 12, 2019 The toughest job interview question may seem like a softball from the interviewer’s perspective: “So…tell me about yourself.” It seems easy because it feels like a free pass: no hypothetical scenario, no request for real-life examples, no technical challenge, not even the dreaded “What’s your biggest flaw?” Just…tell me anything. […]

Essential HR Laws for Employers And Managers

Employment Contracts Normal Hours of Work & Days  Overtime Payments (OT) & Rules  Types of Leave & Rules Latest Minimum Wages Order & Authorised Deductions  Minimum Retirement Age Act 2012  Retrenchment & Termination Benefits  Employment of Part-timers Order 2010 Children and Young Persons Employment Act 1966  Women Employees  EPF Act 1991 SOCSO Act 1969 Employment […]
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MMU Career Fair 2020

Thank You all for joining us at the MMU Career Fair 2020 held at Main Hall, Multimedia University Malacca! Update your profile today and browse through all the vacancies and look for your dream job today!

5 Mental Mistakes That Kill Your Productivity

Alice BoyesNovember 04, 2019 If you’re sometimes frustrated about how little you accomplish during your work day, you’re not alone. Research indicates that only 26% of people often leave the office having accomplished the tasks they set out to do. It’s common to feel as if you’ve been busy but haven’t done anything important. Of course, life […]
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