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Essential HR Laws for Employers And Managers

  • Employment Contracts
  • Normal Hours of Work & Days 
  • Overtime Payments (OT) & Rules 
  • Types of Leave & Rules
  • Latest Minimum Wages Order & Authorised Deductions 
  • Minimum Retirement Age Act 2012 
  • Retrenchment & Termination Benefits 
  • Employment of Part-timers Order 2010
  • Children and Young Persons Employment Act 1966 
  • Women Employees 
  • EPF Act 1991
  • SOCSO Act 1969
  • Employment Insurance System (EIS) 2018 
  • Overview of Occupational Safety & Health Act 1990 (OSHA)
  • Trade Unions Act 1959 
  • Sexual Harassment 
  • Disciplinary Penalties
  • Industrial Relations Act 1967 & Dismissal 


  • Question 1: “I have been recently appointed as HR Manager/Executive”. What legalities must I be aware of?”
  • Question 2: “I am an expatriate who has been newly posted to Malaysia. What are the employment laws I must observe so that I do not do the wrong things?”
  • Question 3: “My company is expanding and I need more employees. What are my obligations as an employer? What are the rights of employees?”
  • Question 4: “I am a Finance / Admin Manager. The HR department is now included as part of my responsibilities. What are the employment laws I must know to be effective?”
  • Question 5: “I am a line manager / executive. HR is not my function but I need to understand what I can or cannot do with my employees”
  • Question 6: “I am a member of the board of directors. I make policy decisions. I am looking for a course that will make sense of the HR laws I should know about, at least on a summary basis” 
  1. The Employment Act 1955 and the Labour Ordinances (Sabah 2004) (Sarawak 2005) which form the basis of employment contracts. They provide the minimum benefits that must be provided to certain categories of employees
  2. The latest Minimum Wages Order which specifies the minimum wages that should be paid in West and East Malaysia. This is revised every 2 years
  3. The Minimum Retirement Age Act 2012 which relates to age of retirement for all employees and its rules.
  4. The Employment of Part-timers Order 2010 which provides rights and benefits to part-timers including OT payment
  5. Children and Young Persons Employment Act 1966 which deals with special conditions in the employment of children and young employees
  6. The EPF Act 1991 which is a compulsory national retirement scheme for Malaysian employees.
  7. The SOCSO Act 1969 which is a compulsory national insurance scheme for Malaysian employees against employment injury and invalidity.
  8. The Employment Insurance System (EIS) 2018 is an insurance scheme for retrenched employees
  9. Overview of The Occupational Safety and Health Act 1990 which deals with safety and health preventive measures and the legal requirements for Safety and Health Officers and safety and Health committees
  10. The Trade Unions Act 1959 which deals with the formation and recognition of trade unions in the organisation 
  11. The Industrial Relations Act 1967 which deals with trade union-employer relations and their rights. It also deals with handling of misconduct and dismissal of employees from employment. 


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