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12 Industries That Will Thrive Thanks To Millennials CONT (PART 2.)

7. Seltzer DITCHING SODA, MILLENNIALS SEEK A HEALTHIER FIZZ IN THEIR DRINKS While many millennials have little appetite for sugary sodas, that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for other convenient carbonated beverage options — and they’re finding them in seltzers and flavored sparkling waters. Sales of sugary carbonated drinks have fallen steadily for several years, […]
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Resumes a terrible way to hire people

Sunday, 23 Feb 20202:20 PM MYT By Cassidy Leventhal Of Bloomberg Opinion Research shows that one of the most predictive components of success on the job is honesty. (Honest people, not surprisingly, are more likely to be conscientious and dependable – two big predictors of job performance.) Integrity tests, which can be purchased off the shelf […]

Jack Ma’s advice for Chinese entrepreneurs in the time of coronavirus: retool, reflect and restore work at a steady pace

The coronavirus epidemic in China presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to retool themselves and prepare for the growth, said Ma, who drove Alibaba to launch Taobao in 2003 during the Sars outbreak. In his lecture at the Hupan College, Ma channelled Kazuo Inamori, the legendary founder of Kyocera Corporation. — SCMP Jack Ma, the co-founder […]

CONT: Employee Evaluation

An employee evaluation is the assessment and review of a worker’s job performance. Most companies have an employee evaluation system wherein employees are evaluated on a regular basis (often once a year). Typically these assessments are done at year end or on the employee’s service anniversary. That is, if you were hired in February, your […]

Food For Thoughts: Why Employee Performance Appraisal Doesn’t Work

The Traditional Performance Appraisal Process Is Demeaning and Hurtful Author: SUSAN M. HEATHFIELD   Second only to firing an employee, managers cite performance appraisal as the task they dislike the most. This is understandable given that the process of performance appraisal, as traditionally practiced, is fundamentally flawed. The process is hurtful and demeaning, and both managers and […]